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sophie bound in the woods

It’s good to explore the dark fantasies, especially when you find something you really want to let loose. These two girls think they know what they’re getting into when they drive out along a nice abandoned road for a day in the woods. When the boys find them though, then they get a lot more than they were expecting as they tie them up, drag them through the woods, and fuck them harder than they ever expected. The girls find themselves dragged out, spit on, split open and used as the personal play toys of two of the roughest guys out there in the deep woods.

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Why do some people think that a little fame gives them so much entitlement that they can just ignore being polite and courteous to the ones around them? They get so arrogant, and selfish, and greedy, that they just become intolerable. They need to get a good lesson about what it means to be helpless and without someone there catering to their every whims. Sometimes being a good little toy is the best reward, and the best way to give a little humility for their lives, and we love providing that lesson.

Chary thinks she’s just going to meet a nice fan, but when he shows up, she quickly teases him and shows that she might fuck him, if he’s nice. She doesn’t get it when the tables get turned, and she ends up the one bound and at his mercy as his little fucktoy. She begs for more very quickly though once he gets started, and by the time he fucks her, she is soaking wet. Soon he doesn’t even need the gag, because all she wants is to suck his cock and serve him even better.

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bound and fucked

Anticipation can be a wonderful thing to set a little sex toy’s mind ablaze with all the things that could be. You have to make them wait for it, make them almost crave any kind of sensation or interaction, so they get primed for the slightest touch. It will set them off so well when you give them that bit of anticipation, and they have to wait to see what torments you are going to put them through this time. Even if you are just going to fuck them silly, make them wait.

This particular little slut just put in ‘surprise me’ when given the opportunity to have any kind of input into how she would be treated. So we decided to give her a bit of wonder. We tied her arms up into a crucifix position on our cross bar, and told her that she would be punished if she let her ass drop. Then we let some of our more…enthusiastic tops have their way with her tight cunt. They didn’t disappoint either, they had her screaming and writhing enough that we had to gag her to keep her quiet. At least until we had our second top gag her with another thing. She was such a horny little slut she begged for the harshest pounding, and then begged us for another session when we finally let her drop.

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Blonde Bound And Humiliated

If you’re a a bar and a hot slut is tied up right in front of you, what would you do to her? I mean, this girl is seriously hot and horny, ready for you to enter her on your command! I bet it would be a little bit of a decision to make. You don’t know her, but you can see her all tied up and waiting to be fucked, bound and humiliated. I bet you most of us would take her up on that offer. Ah who are we kidding, she’s got no choice in the matter. Her job is to stay there and spread her legs for men to enjoy! In this scene, you see a hot blonde, gagged, bound and humiliated right in front of you. She’s totally out of control and is enjoying the feeling of having her tight pussy fucked while being restrained. With her big tits tied up, legs held back, this bitch is fucked hard as she struggles to rub her clit to get off. Seeing girls like this hot blonde, bound and humiliated will definitely make you rethink the way you enjoy hot BDSM scenes, like this one of course!


Slutty Girl Tied Up And Fucked In Asshole

She couldn’t wait to loose control in this scene and who could blame her? To have 2 horny guys dominate her as she’s tied up and fucked is amazing to watch and quite frankly turns me on to see her lay there so helpless and grateful to be alive. Watch her mouth and pussy get fucked hard in this kinky BDSM scene. She loves gagging and having her asshole fucked too. There isn’t much this girl won’t do for her masters and today you get to see first hand how slutty this slave can actually be. They pounded her all night long and they couldn’t wait to bust a load all over this hoe’s face. She enjoys the feeling of being used and abused and truthfully, this is just the start to a long term master / slave relationship. I bet you can’t wait to see what this girl does after being tied up and fucked!


Babe Tied Up And Fucked In Dungeon

This girl couldn’t get out of this contraption if she needed to save her own life. She’s so tightly bound by rope and stuck in such a vulnerable position it makes it very hard for her to move, even to breath. She’s bound by rope and a gag ball that fits perfectly into her mouth as she receives her master’s gift. His big thick cock is forced into her tight, forbidden hole as they engage in sex downstairs in the dungeon. He loves the feeling of her tight pussy wrapped around his cock. He loves when girls are tied up and fucked in his basement, he feels the basement is put to good use this way.


Hot Sexy Babe Tied Up Gagged Fucked

Have you ever been in a situation before in which you were controlling a slave like this girl? Have you ever tied up and fucked a chick with her being restrained? It’s a great experience and in this scene, this girl is gagged by red ball, bound by leather, tied up and fucked like crazy. You have no idea what you’re missing until you’re able to fuck a warm piece of brain dead meat like in this scene. All this girl is, is a wet hole for him to fuck and she knows how worthless that makes her feel, it kind of turns her on!

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Girl Tied Up And Fucked In Double Penetration Scene

Hey, what’s wrong with having a little fun with such a willing slave like this one? She’s able and willing to do anything so they took advantage of her in this scene. She’s tied up and fucked hard as well as given a forced blowjob at the same time. She can barely keep herself going strong but these two masters make sure she’s able to continue her training as she’s fucked from behind and giving a nice long blowjob to the master in front. When she’s in such a vulnerable position, it turns her on and she gets off quite quickly.

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Ball Gagged Tied Up And Fucked With Leather Straps

This horny girl had no idea what she was in for today, but she had to have had some feeling that she’d tied up and fucked at some point. She loves to play in these kinky BDSM scenes and being a subject to her master’s will is something she’s definitely interested in. She lays back while they strap her tightly in the chair with leather straps as she’s gagged and then later tied up and fucked in this scene. It could be fun to join in on this hot, amazing action from Sex And Submission. Would you ever partake in something like this?

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Lesbian Tied Up and Fucked Dildo


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