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For some girls, it’s not the physical part of a scene that really gets them soaking wet. You can beat them, fuck them, abuse them, and they’ll just come back for more without a whimper or a complaint. You need to really humiliate them, you need to make them your willing little slut in some of the most degrading ways possible before they really get soaking between the thighs. If they know they are your slut toy, that you can and will do everything that you want, and will make sure they are exposed and everyone knows how much of a painslut and submissive girl they are they will break almost immediately.

Antonio knows just how to get into Valerie’s head, so he set up the dungeon in the simplest way possible. The dirty, nasty, pres-setup toilet catches Valerie’s attention immediately, and you can see the look on her face when he forces her onto the porcelain. He then spends the rest of his time fucking her, punishing her, and tying her up on the white porcelain, all while you can see her humiliation growing through the entire scene. She won’t admit it, but she is slippery wet by the end, when she realizes the humiliation of him fucking her on the toilet and using her like the slut toy that he knows she is.

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slave has quiet orgasm

You don’t need a ‘pro’ submissive slut to make a sadist happy. All you need is a little painslut that he can make cry, whimper, sweat and beg for mercy, no matter how intense the sensations and the torture they withstand. A girl doesn’t need to take hundreds of lashes, or dozens of needles, or even extreme spankings before a sadist gets off. All the sadist needs is to know that they suffer, and that they can make the painslut beg for mercy.

This particular submissive slut doesn’t take a lot of torture, or pain, she suffers through the humiliation as this sadist exposes her pussy, breasts and shows everyone how wet she gets with the slightest stimulation. She gets a little noisy, so he clothespins her tongue and mouth so she at least remains a little quiet, before he brings out his intense little vibrator. See, even orgasms can get too be too much, especially when this submissive’s clit gets the direct application of the vibrator until she can’t even stand anymore. 

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domestic slave training

There’s a difference between a single scene that a submissive goes through, and someone that chooses to go into submissive service. Some masochistic sluts think that just because they love being tied up, or beaten, or forced to cum on command, that they are ready to go into a house and they can instantly find a place without any additional training. Well, we just aren’t willing to deal with that, so we make sure that we disillusion these submissive women right away that service is going to be easy.

Simone was a regular in the dungeons, and she thought she has what it takes to work upstairs as a submissive. Oh, but she wasn’t prepared at all for the reality of what we demand for all of our service sluts. She gets to learn about proper honorifics, eye lines, and service behaviors, all while we push her pain tolerance, and her tolerance for forced orgasms and the disappointment of her trainer. We’ll see if she makes it, because the first day was such an eye opening experience for this submissive MILF.

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sophie bound in the woods

It’s good to explore the dark fantasies, especially when you find something you really want to let loose. These two girls think they know what they’re getting into when they drive out along a nice abandoned road for a day in the woods. When the boys find them though, then they get a lot more than they were expecting as they tie them up, drag them through the woods, and fuck them harder than they ever expected. The girls find themselves dragged out, spit on, split open and used as the personal play toys of two of the roughest guys out there in the deep woods.

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Hot Slut Tied Up And Fucked In This Hot Scene

Watching this slut get tied up and fucked in this scene was definitely the end result. But how did this even come about? The two of these people were friends that had a secret to share with one another. When the topic of BDSM came up joking the guy told the girl that he was into it. You’re not going to believe her reaction. She was a total slave and enjoyed practicing it every month at a minimum with a select group of people. The guy wondered where she has been all his life so they decided to go to his dungeon where the fun could commence between them.

Getting her wet and horny was the first step to having a good time in his dungeon. As her master, he was responsible for getting the juices flowing and he did that by having her tied up and fucked in this scene. With a bar holding her legs a specific distance away from each other and rope keeping her ass up in the air, this guy knew exactly what would make her wet and sticky. Having her tied up and fucked was the best thing he’s ever done to a girl because that gets them into the mood everytime!

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Blonde Bound And Humiliated

If you’re a a bar and a hot slut is tied up right in front of you, what would you do to her? I mean, this girl is seriously hot and horny, ready for you to enter her on your command! I bet it would be a little bit of a decision to make. You don’t know her, but you can see her all tied up and waiting to be fucked, bound and humiliated. I bet you most of us would take her up on that offer. Ah who are we kidding, she’s got no choice in the matter. Her job is to stay there and spread her legs for men to enjoy! In this scene, you see a hot blonde, gagged, bound and humiliated right in front of you. She’s totally out of control and is enjoying the feeling of having her tight pussy fucked while being restrained. With her big tits tied up, legs held back, this bitch is fucked hard as she struggles to rub her clit to get off. Seeing girls like this hot blonde, bound and humiliated will definitely make you rethink the way you enjoy hot BDSM scenes, like this one of course!


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